Self-Love Facial

Includes double cleansing, deep exfoliation, deep cleansing with extractions, a relaxing and calming Egyptian Rose Jelly Mask to reduce wrinkles and target uneven skin tone, a blissful decollete and neck massage, a sound bath to increase self-love & worth, and finished with personalized serums, hydrating lip treatment & moisturizer leaving you glowing for days!


1 hour 15 mins

Eternal Youth Facial

Indulge in our transformative microcurrent service and unlock a world of youthful beauty without the need for invasive procedures. Harnessing the power of gentle electrical currents, this non-invasive treatment stimulates collagen production, tightens facial muscles, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, delivering results that rival traditional botox injections. Experience a natural, radiant glow and enjoy long-lasting benefits that will leave you looking and feeling more vibrant than ever before. Also available in a package with other services.


1 hour

Mom & Me Facial

Nothing Says ‘ I Love You & Thank you for everything ‘ than a gift of relaxation an hour full each of rejuvenation along with personalized facial that includes deep cleaning, massage & customized mask. Also perfect for lovers & even best friends. (one client after the other)


2 hours

Mom & Mini-Me Facial

Relax with your little! An hour for mom & 30-45 mins for the little one. Rejuvenate your skin with personalized facial that includes deep cleaning, massage & customized mask for mom & a mini facial (cleanse, mask & pressure point facial massage) for your mini me. (one client after the other; must be 9 yrs old or younger for treatment)


1 hour 45 mins

& Then There Were 2

A perfect Way to Say ‘ I LOVE YOU ’. Relax with a full hour of a rejuvenating personalized facial that includes deep cleaning, massage & customized mask. Perfect for lovers & even best friends. (one client after the other)


2 hours

Dat Prego’Glow

Pregnancy safe hour & 15 mins full of relaxation from start to finish. Includes exfoliation thats suits even the most sensitive skin types, balancing the hormones that causes inflammation along with extreme hydration and ending it with a rejuvenating massage.


1 hour 15 mins

The Essentials (Basic Facial)

For those who want to focus on getting a clean and smooth face, this treatment comes with extractions is followed by a mask suitable and catered to your main concerns .


45 mins

Self Care 101 (Basic with Extractions)

Rejuvenate your skin and give it what it needs! This facial includes cleansing and exfoliation , along with a relaxing massage that ends with a personalized luxury mask.


1 hour

The Thirst is Real(Hydrating/Anti-Aging)

Hydrate and instantly revitalize your skin! This facial is PERFECT for dehydrated/mature skin that lacks moisture.


1 hour

Clear & Chill (Acne/Calming Facial)

Targeted treatment specifically for acne-prone/sensitive skin that needs calming. Includes a luxury mask that will speed up the process of combatting irritated skin redness to ensure you have healthy, clear skin in no time.


1 hour

There (S)he Glows (Brightening Facial)

Target and diminish sun spots and sun damage with this perfect treatment to brighten and make your skin glow!


1 hour

M.e.L.F (Men Love Facials Too)

A facial you can’t help but fall in love with. Starting with a double cleansing followed by decongesting the pores. This facial removes dead skin to improve texture to leave you with fresh skin.


1 hour

Be Radiant, Be Brilliant HydraBrasion Facial

Take Your Exfoliation to a whole new level! Infuse your skin with extreme hydration while brightening your complexion or help clear acne inflammation. Extracting impurities along with a customized mask that targets skin concerns. This will give you the healthy G L O W Pure Felicity Beauty Spa is known for. This facial comes w cleansing , extractions , customized mask & a massage for relaxation .


1 hour 15 mins

Gleam & Glow (LED Mini Facial)

This stand alone service includes cleansing the skin and placing the Celluma LED LIGHT on to the skin for 30 mins & finish off with moisturizing & SPF. (recommend 2x a week for 6-8 weeks for maximum results)


45 mins

The Half Essential (Express Facial)

For those who want to focus on getting a clean and smooth face in a flash! Exfoliation, mask & finish up with moisturized skin & SPF.


30 mins

Dat Young Facial (For Teens)

Deep cleaning facial for dem young ones that will help diminish blackheads and white heads and calm any hormonal breakouts. (must be 17 or younger, actual client needs to sign Skin Analysis)


1 hour

Pure Bliss (CBD) Facial

This SOOTHING, PLANT-BASED, CLEAN, CRUELTY-FREE FORMULA facial is our most popular facial. It includes cleansing, deep cleaning, exfoliation, mask & EXTREME HYDRATION which is a must during the winter season. Perfect for sensitive skin, it’s hydrating, anti inflammatory, anti-aging. All Products are from Code Of Harmony Skincare.


1 hour

Back At It (Back Facial)

Whether you just want to relax and unwind or want to target some concerns, this is the facial just for you! This back facial includes steaming to open up the pores and lift impurities, followed by deep cleansing and exfoliation. The session concludes with a therapeutic mask or brightening mask for pigmentation.


1 hour

Back 2 Basics (Back Facial)

Brighten & target blemishes for a clear back you’ll never want to cover up. Extraction, exfoliation & a relaxing massage along with brightening mask & hydration.


1 hour

Pure Felicity Deluxe Package

Fall in love & fall asleep! This very relaxing treatment targets main skin concerns. This amazing facial includes hydrobrasion for exfoliation followed by a luxurious mask with a décolleté and arms massage that will keep you coming back for more.


1 hour 15 mins

Pure Felicity Deluxe Package 2.0

Take your relaxation to its full potential! This luxury facial is catered to what your skin needs and more. This package includes double cleansing, deep exfoliating along with a divine massage PLUS 30 mins of anti aging, anti inflammatory, pain reducing LED Light Therapy. To finish up, your skin will receive a personalized mask, moisturizer, hydrating & brightening eye cream, moisturizing lip balm & SPF to seal the deal.


1 hour 45 mins

Available Add-Ons

All of the following services are able to be added on to any of the facials listed above.

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