Self-Care for Stress

Whew! 2020 has been an awakening and uncertain year. From the pandemic and all the changes COVID-19 has caused, justice movements, global violence, to wildfires on the west coast and sadly, the list goes on. It has been an incredibly hard year for the world but, we have been reminded what truly matters in life. Our family, friends, a roof over our head, and appreciating the small things in life. In support of these tragic times, Pure Felicity Beauty and I will share 10 self-care tips to keep in mind when you’re feeling down. 


Both our mind and body must recover from a long day of work. Being on our electronics 247 is unhealthy and can build up stress. Its important to take time to reward yourself from a hard days work by unplugging from work-related technology. When you come home, or away from the office, make sure you unwind to your satisfaction and disconnect. 


Meditation is a simple technique that is practiced for 10 minutes a day. This practice may help fight stress, lower anxiety, benefit cardiovascular health and banish negative energy... all by relaxing your nerves. 

Spa Day

Unwind and treat yourself! A warm bubble bath can help balance your nervous system by nourishing your body with the love it needs. A face mask, massage, hair or nail pampering day can combat the effects of harmful stress.


Start or end your day with exercise. Getting those bones and muscles moving  increases your health. You'll feel much better and improve your body's circulation with just walking, running or cycling or doing yoga. Staying active can give us direct stress-busting benefits. Stay pumped with endorphins and increase your stamina by getting up and making time everyday for some short activity!


Journaling can reduce stress by serving as a mental escape. Write your thoughts and ideas down to keep an organized and stressless lifestyle. Keeping a journal can limit emotional build up and release negative thoughts. 

Deep Clean

Got a bunch of stuff laying around? Or do you have too many items on your desktop or phone? The act of cleaning is a great stress reliever. Cleaning can be therapeutic and provide a sense of self control. Decluttering spaces, tidying, ridding old clothes and items, and so forth reduces our levels of cortisol and help with anxiety.

Give a Helping Hand

Sometimes we forget how good it feels to do good unto others. When you help someone else out, you may reduce stress and boost your immune system just for being kind. It also flushes negative feelings like anger and aggression. 


Unhealthy eating takes a toll on our health. We stress ourselves with insecurity, body shaming and for some, eating disorders. Maintaining a nutritious diet is important. Detox with a sustainable diet plan of your choice. Limit alcohol consumption, sugary drinks and don’t smoke. You have the power to make greater choices, a detox is a great start. 

Reality Check

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

A reality check is a guide to find our purpose. When you find yourself in a rut, evaluate your lifestyle and rid of things, people, habits that don’t support you. Changing your routine with a healthy set of values can reduce stress incredibly.

Take a Therapy Session

Sometimes all we need to do to feel better is to talk to someone. Venting your feelings out in a healthy way through therapy with a licensed professional or friend may help. Taking time to address issues can help you find out what is stressing you out and how you can avoid unnecessary stress.

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