How to Achieve the Perfect Brow

Throughout any beauty journey, you learn to perfect and adjust your techniques along the way.
As a freshman in college I wanted fuller eyebrows like Cara Delevigne. I grew my brows out as thick as I could, filled them in with brow pomade for more definition and shaped with concealer. Looking back at pictures it was a FLOP and I refuse to repeat my mistakes. The lesson I took from this is that everyone has different facial structures. What may work for them, might not work for you and that is ok. Although full brows are beautiful, I learned to accept mine. I started shaping them by threading and using brow products that limited the depth and color of my brows. Since my brow hair is already dark, I use less product for a natural appearance. I have never been more satisfied with my look.

We are all aware that not everyone’s brows are created equal. Our brows are not mirror images of each other, this is where the catchy phrase “they are sisters, not twins” comes from. Despite our greatest efforts, not every brow shape adheres to every facial structure. “We can have an idea of a desired look or shape we want, but it’s about being realistic and enhancing the brows we have” says famous brow technician Kelly Baker. According to Baker and my research, there are a few simple rules to follow.


Find Contrast to Get Fuller Eyebrows

The goal is to create contrast through angles. If you have a round face, you don’t want a round brow or an arched brow with an angled face. We want dimension. This does not only limit round faces, but fuller faces as well.


Soften Your Brows

“You want a brow with less of an arch to soften your features” said Baker, to achieve form for more narrow and angular faces. Heart, oval, angular, long and thin faces benefit from this style as well.

Use Quality Eyebrow Products

Helena’s everyday brow products:

Helena’s everyday brow products: direct links listed below.


I can’t stress this enough but, do not use a cheap runny pencil or a goopy wax. You want your brows to look as natural as possible, and quality products help with shaping. We can always add more of an arch or create a softer brow with the help of brow products. However, it is important to choose the right brow products to keep them looking real and natural. Products I recommend for women and men with both thick and thin eyebrows are the Glossier ‘Brow Flick’ to fill in sparse areas and create the appearance of real brow hair, then to shade and set brows I finish with Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Powder Duo’ and ‘Clear Brow Gel’.

Also, being in quarantine we can spend more time caring for our brows. Keep tweezing to a minimum, experiment with growth serums or castor oil for conditioning and thickness. Have fun with it!


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