How Can CBD Benefit Your Skin

What is CBD?

The infamous cannabis plant, marijuana has a non-psychoactive element called Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD may be used as an anti-anxiety oil. In 2018, the FDA approved CBD infused products for skin and was cleared for medicinal benefits by the World Health Organization. CBD can be used for healing purposes, and now that marijuana has been decriminalized federally in the US, cannabis-derived products are growing in demand.

Why Use CBD on my Skin?

Photo by Laryssa Suaid from Pexels

Clinical trials have proven that CBD can combat skin issues such as: inflammation, and antioxidants and sun damage. The benefits of CBD include: anti-inflammatory agents to treat eczema and psoriasis, antioxidants, reduce acne and calm skin. Naturopathic physicians believe utilizing cannabis and other natural remedies are the most effective ways possible. 

CBD functions as a healing cannabinoid. We can experience many holistic benefits through the smallest amount of CBD in products because of its high concentration. When added to spa treatments such as baths, facials, to vitamins or cooking, overall, it stimulates a gentle detox in our bodies. It is also known to be effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, inflammatory conditions and chronic pain. 

CBD is mostly used to naturally combat anxiety issues or sleeplessness (insomnia) in many patients.

Founder of Code of Harmony and licensed esthetician, Janet Schriever, opens up about the importance of CBD in skincare and its effects. “Having redness prone/sensitive, aging skin myself, I created a line of products to be as effective as possible at rejuvenating skin integrity while nurturing and calming skin stress. CBD is one of the many ingredients I use to do just that,” she said. 

Code of Harmony is one of the many successful skincare lines that work effective in green beauty and are cruelty-free. Every ingredient in COH’s formulas work synergistically toward that goal.

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