Are Extractions Good For My Skin?

What are Skin Extractions? Why do we need them?

Extractions may sound terrifying but, I promise they are our skins savior. An extraction is the process of clearing a clogged pore, which could consist of dirt, makeup, sweat or sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that also serves as a protective barrier to our skin from bacteria and retains moisture. However, excessive sebum can lead to breakouts and blackheads if our skin is not cleansed properly.

Extractions are carried out by professionals like dermatologists or estheticians, by using special tools or their hands. The use pressure around the clogged pore to release what’s inside, thus creating a smoother surface.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from PexelsPhoto by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Do Skin Extractions Hurt?

In my experience, I look forward to facials with Jumel because, not only does she rejuvenate my skin from inside and out but, the extractions do wonders. The nose area is sensitive to touch therefore, we feel the most pain there. At times I feel my nose is being punched and I want to cry but, I know it’s worth it. Beauty is pain, and I will not let a stubborn pore stop me! The process can be cathartic and to facialists, seeing pus leave our skin is a form of therapy. 

Can Anything Go Wrong? 

Yes. If extractions are not done properly, it can push bacteria further in the skin which may lead to more breakouts. When pushed in the wrong direction or too aggressively, you can push the contents into the skin, causing the follicle to inflame and triggering an acne reaction. Believe me, I have had my worst moments of attempting pore extractions. Still do, which has left my face scarred for life. LITERALLY. Do not pick or squeeze a pore that is already inflamed or appears to be a blemish because most likely, its already irritated.

When Do I Get Skin Extractions? How Often Do I get a Facial?

The amount and frequency vary between people but, consistency is proven in all facials. I recommend once a month, twice if you have oily skin. Consult with a professional to target your skin concerns first, extractions on the same area repeatedly can lead to risk of scarring. However, if in the right hands, and you feel extractions are maintaining your skin clear and healthy, you are fine. Enjoy every aspect to self-care you can!

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